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Here is a breakdown of my week (every week).

Sunday- “oh god. What have I done to my body this weekend.”

Monday- “I hate Mondays. I hate them.”

Tuesday- “I’m happy I have a break form drinking and partying. I am going to get so much work accomplished.”

Wednesday- “Jesus, where is the weekend?! Maybe I’ll go out tomorrow night.”


Friday- “Yikes! I slept though my first class. TGFI!”

Saturday- “I will get my life together tomorrow.”

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My goals for this semester:

1. 4.0 GPA (obvi)
2. Make amazing cakes and cupcakes
3. Paint something kinda cool
4. Fall in love or at least have a fall fling or a hot one night stand
5. Get in shape
6. Party (obvi)
7. Find someone who loves “Clueless” as much as me (as if! that is impossible)
8. Buy more shoes and sweaters oh and coats

Oh that’d be great!

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